Samsung introduces pair of Studio Display competitors at CES 2023

Samsung introduces pair of Studio Display competitors at CES 2023

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Samsung’s two new Studio Display competitors

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 and Smart Monitor M8 are both new 27-inch monitors introduced at CES 2023 as competitors to Apple’s Studio Display.

Samsung has introduced a handful of new monitors during CES 2023, with a few targeted directly at potential Studio Display customers. The 5K ViewFinity S9 and 4K Smart Monitor M8 are both 27-inch monitors with Apple-like design and functionality.

The ViewFinity S9 is optimized for creative professionals like graphic designers and photographers. It has a 5,120 x 2,880 resolution with a P3 color gamut.

In addition to the existing Samsung Smart Hub functionality, the Smart Monitor M8 can act as a SmartThing Hub. It will soon be updated with Matter functionality, though it isn’t clear how this will affect Apple Homekit users.

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