Most popular Mac: Here's Apple's best selling computer

Most popular Mac: Here’s Apple’s best selling computer

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CIRP is out with a new report today on Apple’s Mac lineup. The study found some interesting results including the most popular Mac among its laptops and desktops, the mix of sales from entry-level machines to pro models, and more.

CIRP highlights that Apple’s MacBooks are the primary driver of its computer business. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro make up roughly three-quarters of the company’s PC sales while the desktop models only account for 26%.

When it comes to what’s most popular between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, you might guess it’s the more affordable Air. But as it turns out, MacBook Pro is the leader accounting for 54% of Apple’s laptop sales which also makes it the most popular Mac overall.

For desktop Macs, iMac makes up 50% of sales while somewhat surprisingly, Mac Pro isn’t far behind at 43%.

Interestingly, Mac mini and Mac Studio are a tiny sliver of Mac desktop sales at 4% each and a minuscule piece of the big picture with just 1% each of total Mac sales.

When it comes to use type, CIRP found that 79% of respondents said they are using their Mac for personal, 34% for education, and 49% are using the machine for business.

Compared to CIRP data from five years earlier, those numbers were down 6 and 7% for personal and education, respectively, and up 5% for business use.

9to5Mac’s Take

Interesting results, particularly with MacBook Pro leading MacBook Air. But one thing to consider, Apple sells the 13.3-inch M2 MacBook Pro at $1,299 that’s more similar to the MacBook Air than the 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro. That’s probably seen as a budget-friendly laptop by many but still gives the appealing “Pro” branding.

If the $1,299 MacBook Pro wasn’t in the lineup or wasn’t branded as “Pro,” MacBook Air would almost certainly be the most popular Mac.

It’s also fascinating to see how few Mac mini and Mac Studio units Apple sells. What do you think? What Mac do you have? Share your ideas in the comments!

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