SWIO Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger

SWIO Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger review: Convenient MagSafe charging on the go

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MagSafe changed how I use my iPhone, especially when it comes to wireless charging. Snap-on MagSafe chargers and stands add a world of convenience, and this little battery pack from SWIO is the perfect example. It’s small and compact with plenty of power, and the built-in folding stand is the icing on the cake. 

While the latest iPhone models, like the iPhone 14 Pro, have lots of built-in battery life, there are always those days when it’s just not enough. So for long travel days or those fateful mornings when you realize you forgot to plug in the charger the night before, a handy portable charger can make all the difference. The SWIO Portable Charger is small enough to throw into any bag or even your pocket to snap it onto your MagSafe-compatible iPhone in a pinch. 

SWIO Magnetic Portable Charger: Price and availability

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While SWIO is a fast-growing brand specializing in charging products, it’s still only available on Amazon and the official SWIO website. Right now, it’s going for $56 on Amazon, but you can save $6 if you buy it directly. For an even better deal, buy the baby blue version on the SWIO website for only $40, but if you want the standard black colorway, it’ll cost about $50. 

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