Porsche expands CarPlay to more classic cars

Porsche expands CarPlay to more classic cars

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Porsche is a strong supporter of Apple’s CarPlay platform, particularly in regards to helping owners retrofit CarPlay in classic Porsche cars. As part of those efforts, Porsche has expanded support for retrofitted Bluetooth and CarPlay infotainment systems to early-2000s cars…

This is an extension of what Porsche has been doing for the past few years. The company essentially offers a selection of factory-approved head units with what it calls “Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) and Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus)” support.

The new lineup of head units is available only under the PCCM Plus category, which is a good thing for those users who want a larger display. The PCCM head units offer a 3.5-inch display, while the PCCM Plus head units offer a 7-inch display. As explained in a press release from Porsche, these head units come in a double DIN size and are approved for the following cars:

  • Sixth-generation 911 generation 997 for model years 2005 to 2008
  • Boxster and Cayman generation 987 for model years 2005 to 2008
  • First-generation Cayenne for model years 2003 to 2008

These head units offer support for CarPlay, Android Auto, USB connectivity, SiriusXM, and Bluetooth. In the 911, the Boxster, and Cayman, the head unit can store personal settings for things like the lights, the windshield wipers, the climate control, and the locking system.

In terms of design, a CarPlay head unit from Porsche is meant to “integrate seamlessly into its surroundings,” with a Porsche logo that “immediately identifies the devices as developed by Porsche.” The design is based “on the components already installed in the car, such as the climate control panel or the push buttons.”

“There is huge demand for contemporary networking of our timeless classics. And soon after the successful launch of the infotainment systems for retrofitting, we received corresponding queries from owners of early 911 generation 997,” says Ulrike Lutz, Director of Porsche Classic. “This is why we’re now significantly extending our range of Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus devices for retrofitting.”

The new PCCM Plus head units with CarPlay are available to order now from Porsche dealerships, with prices starting at around $1,500.

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