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With a move on the horizon, I’ve been figuring out just what combination of chargers and power strips were going to help me streamine the family room setup. UGREEN’s recent DigiNest Pro has tapped in just in time to save the day, delivering seven ports for topping off everything from my own personal everyday carry to friend’s smartphones and more. Below, I see how the entire package stacks up in this latest edition of Tested with 9to5Toys.

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Putting UGREEN’s new DigiNest Pro power station to the test

Like many other brands in the charging space, UGREEN has been expanding its lineup of GaN power stations as of late. One of the more recent addition offerings arrives as the DigiNest Pro, a desktop power solution from UGREEN that arrives with seven ports for powering up gear at the desk, on the nightstand, or in the family room.

Armed with 100W of power spread across three USB-C slots, a USB-A port, and three AC outlets, this is a more than capable solution for handling keeping an entire Apple setup juiced up and so much more. But does that mean its $130 MSRP is worth shelling out for? We investigate below.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • With 3 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A port and 3 AC outlets, UGREEN 100W Charging Station can charge up to 7 devices at the same time and provide a clutter-free desktop. 
  • Charging your laptops, tablets and phones even faster than before. Charge a 16″ MacBook Pro to 41% in 30 minutes. 
  • By innovatively utilizing GaN II chip to power strip, Ugreen DigiNest Pro Charging Station offers up to 95% conversion rate, better heat dissipation and a more compact size.

9to5Toys’ Take

I’m just a little over a week away from moving out of my current, quaint Manhattan apartment in a more suitable space over in Brooklyn for someone who collects as much tech and LEGO as myself. With that move comes finally having a family room space for entertaining company, and so my mind has been set on finding the perfect power station to power up a whole friend group’s worth of smartphones and other devices.

UGREEN had just sent over its recently-released DigiNest Pro power station, and after putting it to the test, it is exactly what I was looking for to solve my charging woes. Everything with this compact yet versatile charger starts off with its GaN II technology, which allows the unit to cut back on a bulky form-factor alongside being more efficient with the energy that is flowing through its plastic shell.

Packed into that design are seven different ports that cover all of the bases for powering up your own gear, but also friends other vistors’ tech, as well. The two full-sized AC outlets on the back are pretty much a standard on a power station like the UGREEN DigiNest Pro, but of course still greatly appreciated for more permanent fixtures like laptop chargers and the like.

Things get more interesting on the front of the power station, with three USB-C PD ports and a USB-A slot that share 100W of juice between them. This array of ports has you covered for everything from MacBooks to smartphones, earbuds, or Bluetooth speakers. Then up top is a more compact AC outlet without the ground pin for quickly being able to plug in another charger or accessory on the fly.

One of my favorite aspects of it has to be one of the more simple inclusions. The 6-foot cord isn’t going to catch a lot of eyes in the spec list, but it’s something that in practive has proved to be a game changer. Wall outlets are hot comodoties in any space, but especially any kind of New York apartment. And so having that much slack at my disposal to position the charging station wherever I need is so appreciated, especially if I decide to rearrange my setup any time down the road.

So as I’ll be downsizing some of my hoarded tech and even parting ways with some of my beloved LEGO kits in the collection, the UGREEN DigiNest Pro is something that won’t just make the move with me to Brooklyn, but become a centerpiece of my charging setup. It’s a solid value with the $130 price tag as is, but the discount going on right now makes it all the more compelling at $40 off.

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