GoldenEye through Xbox Cloud on an iPad

Playing GoldenEye through Xbox Cloud on iPad is great – but playing alone sucks

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Since GoldenEye was made available to Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch on January 25, I’ve been playing it on my iPad Pro, thanks to Xbox Cloud being accessible through Safari. But there’s something missing from my GoldenEye experience that Rare’s other title Perfect Dark has…

When it comes to cloud performance, going from the Dam to the Cradle levels on Agent difficulty on Apple’s tablet, alongside using an 8BitDo Pro 2 controller, the lag was surprisingly lower than my other experiences using Microsoft’s service for Fortnite and Halo 2. In fact, it’s constantly been a ‘pinch-me’ moment that we’re in an age where GoldenEye, a game I never thought would be re-released, can be loaded up on a tablet with an internet connection.

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