Verizon announces open enrollment for iPhone protection plan, $0 deductible screen repairs

Verizon announces open enrollment for iPhone protection plan, $0 deductible screen repairs

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Verizon has announced a special open enrollment for its Mobile Protect insurance program. While customers normally need to sign up within 30 days of purchasing an iPhone or other smartphones from the carrier, Verizon is letting customers with new or replacement devices get covered outside of that window. And a big upgrade coming soon to the protection plan is free and unlimited screen repairs.

Verizon announced the Mobile Protect open enrollment in a newsroom post today:

“Missed the deadline to sign your new device up for protection? Want to make sure the devices you depend on are protected moving forward? No problem! During the open enrollment period you get a second chance to protect your devices! For a limited time from February 13 through April 13, 2023…”

$0 deductible screen repairs coming soon

A valuable upgrade to the program coming on April 27 is $0 deductible unlimited cracked screen repairs. Also, the max deductible for a smartphone replacement due to damage is dropping from $249 to $99 (one exclusion is for New York residents where it will remain $29 for screens and up to $229 for device replacements.)

Verizon Mobile Protect features

  • Coverage for iPhone runs $17/month ($50 for 3 devices, $11.40 for each additional device)
  • Includes loss, theft, damage, and post-warranty malfunctions
    • Same-day delivery of replacement
  • Unlimited screen repairs, unlimited claims for other damage coming April 27, 2023
  • $0 deductible screen repairs, $99 deductible replacements coming April 27
  • $279 deductible for lost or stolen claims on recent iPhones
  • Open enrollment is now through April 13, 2023 for devices purchased through Verizon

You can pick up Verizon’s Mobile Protect now and check out all the fine print here except if you live in New York, read this one.

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