New EU rules would force Apple to open up iMessage

New EU rules would force Apple to open up iMessage

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iMessage might get forced open

European Union regulators have amended the Digital Markets Act to include new provisions that would compel Apple to make iMessage accessible.

The Digital Markets Act contains many restrictions to prevent major tech firms like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google from engaging in anticompetitive activities. For instance, the lawmakers want Apple to allow iPhone users to download apps from outside of the App Store.

The most extensive messaging services, such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, will have to open up and interoperate with smaller messaging platforms.

The result would be allowing users to exchange messages, send files or make video calls across messaging apps. While this is possible through SMS texting, Apple’s iMessage service only works on Apple devices.

The changes might not be limited to Europe, either. Other countries sometimes follow suit with similar legislation, and it’s often easier for companies to apply the changes worldwide.

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