Rumor: Apple springing for yellow variant of iPhone 14 soon

Rumor: Apple springing for yellow variant of iPhone 14 soon

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We’re quickly approaching the time of year when Apple has introduced a fresh color for its latest iPhones. After going with “Alpine Green” last year, a rumor suggests that the spring color will be yellow this time around.

Update 8:16 am PT: We’ve been able to independently confirm the expectation of a special yellow iPhone 14.

Reported by Mac Otakara, Mr. Setsuna Digital shared on Weibo that Apple is planning to launch “yellow” as the new color this spring. While Setsuna doesn’t have a track record we can look at, the prediction doesn’t seem far-fetched.

However, instead of the new colorway arriving for both the pro and standard models like it did last year, this rumor just says the yellow finish will launch for “the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.”

Pictured below, the last time Apple offered a yellow model was with the iPhone 11.

Last year Apple announced the special spring color on March 8, so it’s possible we could see the new variant launch as soon as next week. But in 2021, the special spring purple edition iPhone 12 was announced on April 20.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac recently got exclusive details on the special color iPhone 15 Pro Apple is planning:

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