Mujjo full leather case looks and feels premium

Mujjo full leather case looks and feels premium

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The Mujjo leather case is a premium and luxurious case for your phone, at competitive price points. The exterior sports long-lasting European leather that looks great and, crucially, feels great in the hand.

It is not just style without substance, of course. The case offers a reassuring level of protection, including a raised bezel around the display and metal surround for the rear camera module. The case also integrates strong magnets for compatibility with the ecosystem of MagSafe charging accessories. The high-quality case is available in sizes fitting for iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Read on for full my review (Monaco Blue, iPhone 15 Pro pictured).

Mujjo says the case uses durable premium leather from Northern Europe. I don’t have anything scientific to back that up, but it matches with the reality of the case in hand. It’s soft leather with a light grain that feels premium to the touch — it does not feel cheap.

The case is constructed by wrapping the leather around a polycarbonate inner shell which makes the whole feel rigid, not floppy. It comes together to make for a lightweight and sleek but sturdy overall build. The innards are lined with a satin microfibre material that helps the phone glide smoothly into place.

The case includes machined metal buttons, so you get satisfying clicky feedback when you adjust volume or press the all-new action button. The rear camera bump is also surrounded by a hard metal protrusion to maintain defined shape and protect the camera lenses.

The leather material is resistant to scratches and damage from daily life and develops a pleasing patina over time. I know this as I’ve been using my iPhone 14 Pro in a Mujjo black leather case for the last year, and it still looks great.

The premium feel also extends to the restrained branding. There’s a small imprint of the Mujjo name at the bottom of the back of the case, and that’s it. The debossed logo is pretty faint and positioned such that when you are holding your phone, your hand will cover it entirely. I greatly prefer it to cases that print their logo on the side, often in a different color.

My review unit case is Monaco Blue, which pairs really nicely with the blue titanium iPhone 15 Pro. It’s a rich, deep, blue. The exact shade is hard to nail down, and it doesn’t translate in my own pictures perfectly but in person it is striking without being over the top.

The case is also available in a deep burgundy, and traditional black and tan leather colors too.

In past years, I reviewed the Mujjo cases as the best equivalent of Apple’s own leather case. But this year, it’s even easier to recommend as Apple has stopped making leather cases altogether for environmental reasons. Leather is leather at the end of the day, but Mujjo’s cases this year have gone further to be environmentally sustainable as possible. They use leather sourced from farming byproduct and is tanned without using water or hard chemicals. The buttons and camera bump are made from recycled metal, and the box packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable.

If you are upgrading your phone and are used to Apple’s leather case, the Mujjo full leather case is a great replacement. But it will appeal to almost anyone looking for something to protect their phone that is as premium as the phone itself. The Mujjo Full Leather Case is wholly recommended from me.

You can see the full collection on Mujjo’s website, including a variant with an integrated wallet sleeve.

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