Bluetooth speakers Black Friday

Some of my favorite Bluetooth speakers have been reduced by up to $400 this Black Friday

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Phone speakers, let’s face it, suck. They’re small, tinny, thin, completely unsatisfying, and only really any good for ringtones and hands-free voice calls. If you want to do any real music listening or movie watching on your phone, then you’re going to want something a little beefier than your phone speakers — and a decent Bluetooth speaker is going to do just that.

Where to find the best Bluetooth speaker deals this Black Friday

We here at iMore have tested loads of Bluetooth speakers, and then we’ve put together our list of the best Bluetooth speakers out there. Now, we’ve spotted some of those speakers in the Black Friday sales, with some incredible savings. There’s everything from a premium outdoor speaker to a massive, expensive lounge smart speaker here, so you’ll definitely find something for you.

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