Trainer Club Go-tcha Stealth

This fake Apple Watch Ultra is really a Pokémon GO auto-catcher and Apple will be furious

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The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the best Apple Watch you can buy right now, as was the Apple Watch Ultra that came before it. They both have an iconic look so it was always going to be used as the inspiration for models sold by other companies. But one knock-off wearable has gone a bit too far.

The wearable in question is the Go-tcha Stealth from a company called The Trainer Club, and there’s no denying that it’s designed to look like an Apple Watch Ultra. In a promotional video for the Go-tcha Stealth, it’s made clear that the wearable is designed to look like anything other than what it is — a device designed to help people collect Pokémon in the Pokémon GO game without having to have their iPhone out all the time.

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